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Fashion Men Women Genuine Leather Sports Bracelete

$ 7.95 $ 29.99

Fashion Pulseira Masculina Men Women Leather Sports Bracelet.
This bracelet fits men, women, teens, boys and girls, 6 to 9 inches wrist. There is a center knotted braid that the two ties slide between and just pull open the ties, slip on and then pull ties to desired fit. 
How to adjust bracelet size: To increase the size of the bracelet, just pull each side of the bracelet open at the ends near the cords. The two cords will slide open to make an opening that will be big enough to put hand through. Then, when on the wrist, pull the cord ends to tighten to desired fit. The stationary knot holds the cords in place.
Please allow 3-4 weeks for the bracelet to arrive.
100% Money Back Guarantee.

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